Chinese weddings traditions – Door games & Tea ceremony

If you’re looking to integrate Chinese wedding customs into your wedding day,
we’ve prepared a few different traditions you can think about incorporating on your big day

The Door Games are usually split into 3 parts.

1st part: Outside Door Games
Show off your muscles!
Do push ups, do yoga poses or let groomsmen work hard for it!

2nd part: In front of the Bride
Barefoot go on the fingerboard with tough yoga poses, skiping rope, jumping on it…

Plastic wrap
Bring some wood frame that you roll in plastic and let each groomsmen go through it to break the wrap!

The Four Flavours of Life
Marriage is a part of life and will go through ups and downs — sweet, sour, bitter and hot/spicy—together.
Whip up some drinks or food that have each flavours.
Make sure the groom and the other boys has tasted each of the food…
And you will definitely want to see their funny expressions!

3rd part: Find the bride shoes
After finding the wedding shoes, the groom must first kiss the bride’s beautiful feet, and then put on her wedding shoes


As children,
the bride and groom thanked their parents and elders for their tea-raising benefits over the years.
Family elders will also send wedding wishes to newlyweds is tea-teaching,
he will change its official name to the other half of the relatives and will formally become a member of the family.

What should I prepare for the tea ceremony?

First, of course, tea.
Traditional Chinese teas such as Pu’er, Tieguanyin or fragrant teas are suitable for use.
Every cup of tea must be added with a pair of lotus seeds and red dates, with the meaning of early birth.

Second: a set of tea sets is also a symbolic token of the newlyweds.
You can use the tea set in the dowry or the home tea set.
If your family is large, remember to reserve a sufficient number of cups for the ceremony.

Third: a pair of red pillows,
one for the bride and one for the groom, sitting on the top during the ceremony.

What are the steps in the tea ceremony?

Newlyweds must kneel in front of the elders in respect of tea.
The position of the groom should be on the right side of the bride, the male relatives and friends will face the groom, and the female relatives will face the bride.
It is recommended to find a “good-wife” or bridesmaid, and two sisters to assist during the ceremony:
one is responsible for putting plates with tea sets and gifts, the other is responsible for handing tea, and the other is helping to add tea to the teapot.

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