5 spectacular venues for your China destination wedding

We love traveling and our couple love going to romantic destinations around the world to celebrate with family and friends.

For the past years we have planned spectacular festivities in more than 20 countries around the globe, bringing surprises and unique experiences not only to our couple but also to their guests.
We have selected some truly luxurious venues within China, that Spectrum has partnered with to offer amazing wedding experience that will for sure wow your guests!

1. Anantara Xishuangbana
Located in Yunnan province, this luxury resort can accommodate up to 250 guests wedding and offer stunning views on Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden.

Infinity pool, luxury rooms and villas, this stunning resort bordering Myanmar & Laos has a feel of South East Asia resorts.
With plenty of activities to do such as Pu er tea plantations visit, Trek into the mountains to meet the different hill tribes. Gaze across the valley at China’s last wild elephants, you are ensured that your guests will have a memorable week end.

Plan your ceremony in the lush garden with a beautiful Thai Sala as your backdrop and your dinner reception at the pool side with thousands of candles and the magnificent resort lit up in background.


2. Amandayan Lijiang

Amandayan resort offers a panoramic view on the old town of Lijiang with the characteristic background of tiled roofs.

Enjoy a cocktail reception at Wenchang Palace, the oldest palace in Lijiang and organize a series of experiences for your guests: Tea making ceremony conducted by a famed tea master, or a once in a lifetime Dongba calligraphy on traditional Naxi paper.c

Dine under the stars with a custom made clear tent decorated with twinkles lights on the lush ground of the resort.


3. Naked Castle Moganshan

With a European feel, this grand chateau in the lush mountains of Moganshan is one of our favorite destination for a close getaway from Shanghai. About 3 hours drive from Shanghai and one-hour drive from Hangzhou.

Naked Castle features the best that Moganshan has to offer by offering a special combination of nature, leisure and history
This fairytale location is the perfect place for a romantic proposal
For weddings, plan your ceremony in the castle lawn with the giant old maple tree, Ride into your ceremony on horseback like a king

Sunset cocktail on the terrace to enjoy one of the most iconic views over Moganshan
Dine in the great hall offering a luxury fine dining


4. Alila Yangshuo 

Renowned as a paradise on earth Yangshuo is truly spectacular place for festivities.

A unique blend of history and modernity, Alila Yangshuo offers a variety of distinctive settings for different wedding themes
Exchange vows in the sugar house lawn, followed by a breathtaking dinner reception by the pool with infinite views on the green hills and river. Surprise your guests with traditional live music and minority shows.
Party in the night with DJ, pool party and amazing friends!

Yangshuo also offers stunning places for couple shoot such as the Karst mountains with the famous fishermen and their cormorants birds.


5. Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountains

With 120 rooms including villas with private pool, it is the perfect relaxation venue in the middle of a nature sanctuary
Get together in the lush gardens with all your loved ones with a refreshing cocktail drink and dine in the magnificent wooden courtyard structure.

Your week end will be filled with extraordinary experiences and excursions from retracing Marco Polo footsteps to a foodie night tour, visit the birthplace of Taoism and discover the fascinating life of pandas.

Wherever your dream wedding is, our team of planners and designers will make it happen and we will curate the whole week end experiences. With our expertise in planning and styling destination celebrations, we carefully prepare each event up to the smallest details. We integrate some unique local flavours starting with your welcome baskets filled with local delicacies and surprises, Traditional entertainment and local cuisine.
From guests logistics to overall design & atmosphere, trips planning, technical production, lighting, gifting, spectacular entertainment… our team will ensure a smooth process and will take care of all behind the scenes details so you can focus on what’s important: You and your guests!
Contact our team of luxury wedding planners to find your perfect destination wedding venue in China


Chinese weddings traditions – Door games & Tea ceremony

If you’re looking to integrate Chinese wedding customs into your wedding day,
we’ve prepared a few different traditions you can think about incorporating on your big day

The Door Games are usually split into 3 parts.

1st part: Outside Door Games
Show off your muscles!
Do push ups, do yoga poses or let groomsmen work hard for it!

2nd part: In front of the Bride
Barefoot go on the fingerboard with tough yoga poses, skiping rope, jumping on it…

Plastic wrap
Bring some wood frame that you roll in plastic and let each groomsmen go through it to break the wrap!

The Four Flavours of Life
Marriage is a part of life and will go through ups and downs — sweet, sour, bitter and hot/spicy—together.
Whip up some drinks or food that have each flavours.
Make sure the groom and the other boys has tasted each of the food…
And you will definitely want to see their funny expressions!

3rd part: Find the bride shoes
After finding the wedding shoes, the groom must first kiss the bride’s beautiful feet, and then put on her wedding shoes


As children,
the bride and groom thanked their parents and elders for their tea-raising benefits over the years.
Family elders will also send wedding wishes to newlyweds is tea-teaching,
he will change its official name to the other half of the relatives and will formally become a member of the family.

What should I prepare for the tea ceremony?

First, of course, tea.
Traditional Chinese teas such as Pu’er, Tieguanyin or fragrant teas are suitable for use.
Every cup of tea must be added with a pair of lotus seeds and red dates, with the meaning of early birth.

Second: a set of tea sets is also a symbolic token of the newlyweds.
You can use the tea set in the dowry or the home tea set.
If your family is large, remember to reserve a sufficient number of cups for the ceremony.

Third: a pair of red pillows,
one for the bride and one for the groom, sitting on the top during the ceremony.

What are the steps in the tea ceremony?

Newlyweds must kneel in front of the elders in respect of tea.
The position of the groom should be on the right side of the bride, the male relatives and friends will face the groom, and the female relatives will face the bride.
It is recommended to find a “good-wife” or bridesmaid, and two sisters to assist during the ceremony:
one is responsible for putting plates with tea sets and gifts, the other is responsible for handing tea, and the other is helping to add tea to the teapot.

If you’re planning your Chinese wedding ceremony contact our team of luxury wedding planners


Published on Style Me Pretty! Barcelona wedding

Our Barcelona wedding was recently featured on Style Me Pretty home page!
We are so proud of our team hard work and our vendors’ collaboration to make it happen.
Style Me Pretty has always been the top reference for us for styling and designs and we are beyond excited to share our work with brides to be!



Wedding Color Palette 2018 Trends & Inspiration !

One of the first decisions you’ll make when defining your wedding style is your colour palette. Your chosen colour palette will impact most of the decisions you make when it comes to planning the rest of your wedding decor – from your furniture to your flowers and even stationery design and signage.

If you’re currently seeking inspiration for your wedding styling, keep reading for 4 of our favourite modern colour schemes to get you started, along with our top tips on implementing these tones into your big day!

For truly elegant and romantic wedding styling, we’re loving a pastel palette of blush pink and white, with the addition of gold accents for a more modern approach.

Get this look: We recommend using white as your base colour and adding blush and gold details as your accent tones to maximise the effect of this palette. Subtle blush decor pieces like blush linen napkins or blush lounge furniture can be a gorgeous touch amongst white dining chairs, white dry bars and gold cutlery.

Why it works: Too much blush can overwhelm a setting, so pairing this popular pink shade with fresh whites and gold details helps to create a balanced and beautiful look that doesn’t come across as too feminine.


For relaxed, island-inspired weddings, we love bright and vibrant tropical tones to really make an impact. Shades of fuschia, coral and orange with hints of navy create the perfect palette for a fun and colourful look.
Get this look: Bright colours really do have the ability to uplift the ambience of your wedding and create a vibrant atmosphere for guests to enjoy. With our coastal location, these shades also complement beachside and oceanfront wedding venues just perfectly.

Why it works: We recommend pairing your vibrant colours with subtle, earthy tones of timber and bamboo. Pops of white can also be effective to break up the different shades and add some freshness into the space. Think about implementing the brighter colours through your floral design, as well as your textiles like cushions and rugs. Accent pieces like statement fuschia lounge furniture or navy napkins are another great way to inject some tropical tones without overwhelming your styling.


Navy and teal is a unique but beautiful colour palette that we’re expecting to see more brides embracing it ! The two colours work harmoniously together for an elegant and contemporary approach to wedding styling, particularly when paired with gold accents.
Get this look: Navy and teal together can create a really striking look for cocktail settings, so think about including some variation of colour in your wedding decor by pairing navy lounges with teal armchairs and ottomans, or vice versa. Or for a sit-down reception, navy linen napkins look stunning with teal elements in your stationery. Tie the look together with some neutral shades of timber and white and you have yourself a beautiful setting!

Why it works: The softer teal tones help to balance out the stronger shade of navy, creating the perfect mix of light and dark. Navy and teal come from the same colour family, and are both cooler variations of blue which bounce beautifully off each other.


Our love of all things monochrome is still going strong, but this time paired with more soft grey tones and plenty of lush green! This sleek and sophisticated colour palette is just perfect for the modern bride wanting a less traditional and more contemporary look.
Get this look: Timber tables paired with black dining chairs will create a modern reception setting, especially when paired with black dinner plates, stone or charcoal napkins and gold cutlery. For the perfect monochrome cocktail hour, we love either black hairpin or Icelandic marble dry bars paired with chic black wire stools. Make sure to include plenty of potted plants or foliage installations to breathe some life into the space and complete the look!

Why it works: Black and white is a timeless colour scheme that will never go out of style, and the best thing is it’s nearly impossible to get wrong! We love the addition of soft blue-grey shades and sage greens to soften the look and tie the styling together harmoniously.

It’s safe to say we are looking forward to some super stylish weddings, with some creative colour palettes sure to make an impact! For more styling inspiration, feel free to search through our blog on www.spectrum-agency.com or get in touch with our team for a personalized wedding styling proposal for any colour scheme.


Wedding Renderings – Customization Process

Other than creating a mood board that gives vision for the look & feel for your wedding, our team will be creating sketches and rendering to reflect the actual design on your wedding day. We will also oversee all design elements such as invitations, stationery, Flowers, decoration, and every other small detail that will make your wedding memorable, cohesive & beautiful.

Step 1: Understanding you

Because each wedding is unique, we want to know more about you, your love story, taste, your dislikes, to develop a concept meaningful & very personal to you. We will assist you to translate your ideas & inspirations into a wedding which is sophisticated, elegant & tasteful.

Dinner Reception & Table Setting


Step 2: Wedding Concept Design

After we understand you and your preferences, we create a wedding proposal with theme colours, concept and every design related elements of your wedding day. Once the proposal is confirmed, our design team will create sketches & rendering so you can envision what your wedding day will look like (and get excited about it!)

Ceremony & Arch


Step 3: Building your dream team

Once your wedding concept is complete we will work together with you to select the best vendors matching your style (photography, videography, make up & hairstylist, cake, attire & gowns…) and ensure that everything and everyone will come together perfectly.

Step 4: Design & planning execution

We will follow up with all vendors on overall planning and styling until after the wedding day. Once concept & sketches are confirmed, we will review mockups, select materials, create tailor made elements, shape the overall décor to make sure everything is as envisioned. We create comprehensive timeline for all vendors and for bridal entourage to ensure the wedding day process is executed smoothly.



Step 5: Wedding day

On your wedding day, our team will supervise all set up and décor, coordinate with different vendors and ensure everything will go according to the concept design, down to the last details.



What should the couple prepare before meeting the wedding planner?

For the first meeting the couple should prepare basic information such as wedding date, time, estimated budget and number of guests.

If they don’t have a particular location already booked or that they would like to book,

they should let know their wedding planner which city and what type of venue they would like (such as hotel ballroom, private villa, outdoor garden, beach wedding…)

If they already have a theme in mind or a idea about the style of wedding they desire,they can prepare some reference pictures.

The bride should also list down her most important items first and what she would be flexible on. She may not care about flowers but having a live band is a must.