Our Top 5 Wedding Flower Trends for 2018!

Forecasting wedding trends is one of our favourite ways to wind down the year – we love seeking creative new ideas to inspire us for the months ahead!Floral design is one of our favourite elements to any events or wedding and at the moment we’re finding an endless amount of inspiration filling our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. From bouquets to table arrangements and statement installations, keep reading for our top 5 floral trends on the rise for 2018!


If you’ve spent any time at all on Instagram lately, you’ve probably seen an abundance of lush orchid arrangements filtering through your feed. This chic, stylish and elegant bloom is perfect for modern brides, available in a range of tones from crisp white to mocha and pastel pink.


We love all-white orchid arrangements paired with fresh greens for a modern, tropical look, or blush orchids used in trailing bouquets for soft, feminine styling. Phalaenopsis orchids are our top picks, with wide petals and arching stems that create a beautiful feature for any arrangement.


When it comes to floral styling trends for 2018, we are also loving the whimsical, artsy nature of Anthuriums. These beautiful blooms have glossy, heart-shaped petals and are available in a variety of colours including white, amber and burgundy along with vibrant coral and pale pink.Anthuriums are perfect for floral arrangements needing a more sculptural element, and can add height to table arrangements without obstructing the view of your guests. They can usually be found flowering year-round, and work best when paired with other varieties of blooms to add texture and bulk up your arrangements.


This style might not be for everyone, but personally we are loving dried botanicals for floral styling in 2018! From dried palm fronds to feathery pampas grass, this look is perfect for earthy, bohemian weddings with a difference.

You can use your dried botanicals as an accent piece to complement existing floral arrangements and add some textural elements into your styling, or use in large quantities on its own as a statement piece or installation – they make great bar arrangements and backdrops too!


For a wedding ceremony backdrop with a difference, we’re finding more brides leaning away from traditional 4-post arbours and instead looking for a modern alternative – and circular floral arbours seem to be the perfect solution. Round arbours covered in beautiful blooms not only look incredible, but the circle also symbolises never-ending love – making it a really sweet metaphor to celebrate your new nuptials.

Depending on your wedding vision and your budget, you could choose to dress the entire arbour in flowers or simply use them as a finishing touch. Lush foliage and greenery also work perfectly for a natural and organic look.


We’re expecting to see more dark, moody foliage making an appearance in floral arrangements for 2018, contrasted against soft pastel tones and metallic accents. We love this bold look for modern brides wanting to add some depth and detail into their floral styling, but be sure to use it sparingly to avoid overwhelming your space!

Dark foliage works best in unstructured arrangements, so let your imagination run wild with asymmetrical bouquets and oversized installations. A hint of gold against these moody tones is our top pick for a truly rich, luxe and elegant look!

We can’t wait to see these floral trends being bought to life next year. If you’re currently in the process of planning your own 2018 wedding, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team at anytime for more floral styling ideas! we’d love to hear from you! Or do not hesitate to go have a look at our blog on www.spectrum-agency.com or get inspiration through our past posts and weddings.